Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weird dreams

Yesterday, I was feeling sick. I had headache, nausea, a spinning head, one or two bumps on my skin, which I suspected it has something to do with food allergy. Yup. I wanted to go to the clinic to get anti-histamine pills because I heard people did die of allergic reaction especially when the throat swells and you..just...stop breathing. Anyway, nothing serious happened. I'm still alive and kicking.

Last night, I have a very detailed dream. My Chinese friend was about to marry an Indian. Surprisingly, it was a match made. So, I was there on her wedding day or what it seem like an engagement day. It's pretty fuzzy in my memory now. Anyway, she was not totally happy or excited over it. Worse still, she has no idea about the guy whom she's gonna get married to. She was getting ready in her sari. And I didn't know what to say to her as a friend, whether to congratulate or comfort her. I was hoping that you know, they will learn to love each other later.

(continue later)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Scary Dream

Let's face it. Life is not a bed of roses. So are dreams.

When I was a little girl, I slept on the floor in my parent's room.

I had this re-occurring dreams that are somewhat similar to one another.

I dreamed I was in a little adventure with my friends. I went into a spooky house, upstairs to solve a mystery (uh-huh). The room was dark. And suddenly, jeng jeng jeng, a wicked witch appeared and threatened to cast a nasty spell on us. We were all terrified..but have no fear because we have super powers too! We can disappear *poof in the air* if we spin ourselves. So, I did a couple of spins to get away from the evil witch. And it happened! I disappeared. It always worked in every other dreams!

The next morning, I found myself lying on the floor, a few inches away from the mattress. Dad, who woke up early for work, had to push me back to my mattress again. If I'm awake, dad asked, "Aiyoh. Why sleep on the floor again?"

In my head, I sleepish-ly answered, "Er..spinning to get away from the witch?"

If I choose not to spin, I can choose to float in the air in my dreams. I would float down the stairs! It's an incredible feeling cos' it felt so real. Too bad it doesn't happen to me anymore.

Apart from the adventurous dreams, I had very frightening ones too. I dreamed I was walking to a back alley at night. The whole place was pitch dark. Then, suddenly, a man, dressed in black, appeared from behind. Before I can turn around, I was pushed against the wall. He held a knife closed to my neck, threatening to kill me. I was so scared that I cried.. yup..cried in my sleep till my mother woke me up.

Dreams usually come just before I wake up. In Psychology, we call it the REM stage 1. I had this same old dream for many years already. I dreamed I was walking along the road with someone (usually it's someone close to me). Then, the someone decided to cross the road. When he/she reached to the middle of the road, I saw a car coming. And I quickly ran towards him/her and pushed her away so he/she will not be hit by the car. In the end, I was hit really badly. Flew above the car and hit the ground badly.


I dreamed of a bank robbery.After the robbers got into the bank, they ordered everyone in the bank to squat down and keep quiet. But, the someone, stood up and the robber pointed the gun towards him/her and was ready to fire. And everything happened in a very slow motion. I ran in front of the someone...and the robber pulled the trigger...and *bang*..I got shot! I fell to the ground, bleeding in the abdomen. And the someone has to send me to the hospital again. Drama drama.. hehehehe.

But, I don't mind. I get to play' heroine'.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Weird Dream

Have you ever had a really weird dream?

A couple of days ago, I had this dream that I was still at high school. So, I was sitting at my desk, feeling extremely nervous because I learned that in a couple of minutes, I will sit for an exam which I've not prepared for. And the nightmare began when I found out that it was a MORAL exam. I felt so numb that I didn't know what to do. I sat there, just waiting for time to pass by. I looked at my friends. They were busy revising over their materials again and again. I asked, "Mei Yee, borrow your notes ya." And I flipped through a very thin note book and tried to recall the nilai-nilai murni like kasih sayang. It all looked familiar for me.. but it was all fuzzy in my head.

Then, there was a disaster. The whole school was flooded with water until the second storey, if I've not mistaken. But, the teachers did not cancel the exam. To them, it was so okay to have this kind of flood. I took the bus to this secluded classroom on the ground floor where the bright students were and saw my best friend, Becky. I told her that I'm not prepared. The classroom looked rather weird. The doors to the entrance can be sealed and the classroom will look like a huge transparent, water-proof box. It was designed to keep the water from the flood away. I was like, "Wow, new invention." And so, I went up to my class again and asked for rough paper. The teacher handed me a rough paper with a standard template which I forgot how it looks like for now.

I asked my friends, "So, what's the next paper?" I found out it was HISTORY and ADD MATHS. OH my.. my weakest subject of all. I stared at the SPM Sejarah textbook, almost imagining that my future is coming to an end. And there's no way I can remember the formulas for add maths. Drama..Drama..

I asked myself, "After my SPM, I've to apply for STPM... woah..STPM is very tough."

The whole dream felt pretty real to me. Half-awake, I was recalling...

"Oh.. wait.. I finish SPM already. And I didn't go for STPM. I went to A-levels. Yeah yeah. Siaw Lin, you passed the stage already.. oh wait, I'm in university!"

I woke up relieved. Very Relieved. Getting out from REM sleep to wakefulness felt like I've traveled through a timeline from SPM to University in a few seconds. It's really weird that I still have dreams of sitting for SPM papers until now. When I was in REM stage of sleep, it is as though I had some kind of amnesia..that I cannot remember I'm living in the present or what I've done after SPM. As I gain full consciousness, I can only recall what I did in the past and 'arrive' to the present.

Another SPM nightmare: Dreamed that I was late for a paper and the invigilator put me in a toilet because he said there's no space for me already. And I did my paper in the toilet! My house toilet. Lol

Dreams are also a tiny window of how we see the future. The most horrible nightmare was having to know that I was separated from my lover and destined to marry a man through match-making. That's so heartbreaking. :P

So, you have this kind of dreams?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Here comes the short semester. Hold on tight. It'll be bumpy!

Good news. I'm officially a third year student. It's quite hard to believe that I'm finally at my final year, with an undergraduate thesis to complete soon. Things have been getting harder. Lecturers are expecting more from us. As for this semester, I have a 100 plus plus pages of Industrial Organizational Psychology assignment to do. Heh. Not kidding. I've been randomly assigned to a team of students. 12 people including myself.

I used to work on an assignment with a usual group of people. Since we've been working together for quite some time, we've actually developed our own way of doing things. Now that I'm placed with 11 strangers, it will never be the same again. A new group=a new culture. That rounds it all. Somehow, I felt that this randomized method was good in a way..because in the end of the day, we cannot actually choose who we would want to work with in future, whether it is in a company or doing a research. And, working with new people helps me expand my social network, which is great!

There are three parts to this assignment: selection, training and evaluation. I volunteered to write on selection phase. It's been quite rewarding to see pieces of our own work are joined together. So far, we've wrote about 48 pages in just two weeks! Our lecturer said, "We're training you for the real-world. It's even worse out there, looking at the enormous pile of workload and how little time you have." I cannot agree more to that. =) Anyway, third year is the time where we will be stretched and tested. It's a stepping platform to graduate and finally, work. *sigh*.

On top of this, I've another assignment to complete with another separate team altogether. We're writing on date-rape drug, rohypnol. It sounds familiar if you've been receiving forwarded e-mails on rohypnol. Mid-term starts next week. And there's probably a reason why I can't make it for the church camp. Aww.
Okay. Time for me to sleep and rest. On duty for tomorrow's Sunday worship. Playing the piano with a full band..with a Lizzie on the cello and her husband, playing the violin. I count it a privilege to work with them.

Good night, everyone.