Saturday, January 1, 2011

Things That Are Beyond Our Understanding.

It's true. There are a few things in life that I cannot seem to understand. For countless times, I've asked myself, "Why me?", "Why should I deserve such a thing?"etc. I do not know why God put me in such situations, very difficult ones-some that I dare not want to face alone and never did I think it was coming my way. People always say, "Let go." Two words-easier said than done. 'Letting go' is to be aware of how you feel inside, acknowledge the emotions and then, let it go.

Some say, "Forgive". Forgive means to put down your ego. Forgive means humility-to admit that we have to give space for others' mistakes because we are not perfect ourselves. Forgive means that you choose to love the unlovely, the ones that made a scar inside you. Like every decision, forgiveness is a choice done deliberately. It requires action rather than a mere thought. And when you forgive, you'd be like a bird escaping from the cage of grudges, hurt, and pride.

We would find it difficult to forgive..unless we have experienced the forgiveness that God has given to us when we first chose to rebel against Him and ignore Him-even underestimating His glorious power. Forgiveness (with God's intervention) is made possible.

Fully forgiving, letting go of the past, erasing memories that repeatedly play in the mind and moving on. I never knew the process could be long....