Sunday, July 17, 2011


Whatched Mr. Popper's penguin this afternoon. It was pretty entertaining. I like the penguins. In this movie of animated penguins and the hilarious actor, Jim Carey, the last few minutes of the film gave a very clear message. It emphasizes that the time you spend with your family is always priceless and that it should be the first priority over your job. Just a year ago, while I was going through a very difficult time, I realize that the most valuable people I have is my family. Yes, siblings can be annoying. We have to put up with the bad habits. We say hurtful things to one, intentionally or unintentionally. We know which button to press to make the other person irritated.. And so on. Despite all these, we cannot deny that your family are a bunch of people who would stand by your side when the going gets tough or when you want some support. They are the ones who accept you for who you are, celebrate your achievements and share your deepest sorrow. And for that, we would have to guard the time we set aside for our families-be it a simple dinner or a stroll at a park. Appreciate them because they are your social support.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Last semester of Psychology

I know I haven' t been updating my blog for several reasons. But, I guess, why leave my blog untouched when there is so much things to write about. Anyway, my main purpose of writing my blog is not so that others could read it. It is for me to be reflective. :) I would be finishing my last semester in two weeks time. How fast time pass! Just two years ago, I was, here, contemplating whether I should terminate my medical school and change my career path. One year ago, I was busy completing assignments..and after a blink of an eye, I was editing my undergraduate thesis, giving the final touches to it. I'm truly grateful to have the opportunity to pursue what others may think as, "the road less travelled". Although psychology is becoming a popular field, there are still people who think that it is difficult for undergraduate Psychology student to get a job or there is a very few demand for psychologists (which stands untrue till this day). When I graduate, it is time to give back to the society and to share my knowledge and expertise to make a difference in the lives of others even if it meant one or two lives. :D Looking back, my university life has been made vibrant by a few friends..but I also have a fair share of the bitter memories that brought me to revisit my values and self-worth. Well, come to think of it, I cannot expect that life would be all smooth-sailing. If it is, then, I would learn little. After my graduation, thankfully, I am not as clueless as what I would want to do as before. I am given the rare opportunity to write a manuscript to publish my undergraduate thesis. I would have to go through my thesis and correct the mistakes. I would have to make sure that every data is keyed in correctly into the SPSS program and that the statistics interpretation is accurate. I have never thought that I was qualified to be in such a position..but eventually, my wish came through after much persistence and hard work. Thesis was very stressful and emotionally draining..going through it again is like going through another stressful period. When I reflect, I think God is trying to tell me that thesis is not a 'giant' or a thing that should determine my self-worth. I guess, it is time to look at challenges positively so that it is a little easier to cope with it. :) In short, the university chapter is soon coming to an end and an exciting start awaits. :D Yay!