Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DayDreamer, I am

"What I love about day dreaming is that it gives me some ideas to ponder on and takes me to a world of imagination after work." -siawlin

Since I was a kid, I had an idea of my very own dream house. I drew a bungalow house with two big supporting pillars, a huge entrance, a balcony and few big windows on a piece of an A4 paper and said to my best friend, "We shall stay next to each other, ya". I pinned it on the fridge and looked at it everyday. "One day, I shall own a house like this", I said to myself.

When I was a teenager, I sketched an idea of how I would like my room to be. Being an avid fan of Ikea, I loved getting my hands on their catalog. I still remember one of the first phone calls I had with Elisha was about Ikea. Aww. I was interested to get a bunk bed (as below) because my room is small. It'll be great to have a red sofa with heart-shaped pillows. Invite a few friends and watch a movie with popcorns till late night. :)

But, I scrapped the idea because I can't afford any new furnitures. Even after calculating the total amount of $$ from the ang pows.

AND re-furnishing my room would be a headache. What do I do with the old furnitures?! Throw? Donate? Keep?

So, I started to dream about..the future.

I would really loved to have a living room that looks like this:

I like plastered ceilings. Abstract art paintings. Cushioned sofa instead of leathers cos' leathers get so warm after a while in Msia's hot climate. A glass coffee table with roses in the vase. A fuzzy, warm carpet below. Two side tables with lamps. Plants at the corner. Large window by the side. Curtains (without french pleats, please.) Love almost everything here except the color of the curtain, cushions and the funny white TV cabinet.

If I were to have a family.. I would love to have..something like this.

I still want my glass coffee table. :) Like the big tiles. Love the idea of daylight curtain. Sofa should have arm rests and big bright pillows like maroon or red. .

The ideal bedroom. I really want to get a light to read a book in bed. Love this simple concept. Except for the green comforter. :)

Ahh.. dream house.

Signing off: Back to reality, study hard, get a job and marry a rich husband.

:) Then my dream will become a reality. Home sweet home.