Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Makes you Happy?

In life, you have a choice. One, is to go around and have a long face, thinking of every single bad thing that has happened to you recently. Two, is to count every blessings that you have and be contented. I choose 'two',

So what makes you happy?
For me,

-good company
-good chat
-very rich chocolate
-a good story book
-watching cooking shows
-going for a day trip
-surprise Birthday parties
-Christmas carols and Christmas celebration
-a car ride
-looking at scenic views
-viewing pictures of good memories
-getting encouragement, sweet messages
-jokes (except the lame ones)
-supper with friends although it is past midnight
-gifts (unexpected ones..including small ones)
-playing FB games ?
-just spending time alone and in serenity. ;)

Well, I guess if we count our blessings, we would spend less time complaining and dwelling in self-pity. Go, list the things that make you happy and soon, you will have a different, fresher perspective of life. :) You'll never know how the simplest thing in life can put a smile on your face.

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